Monday, January 17, 2011

Northwest Meanderings

Whew, one week of travels in rain and fog can make one weary, but experiencing friendship and finding hidden gems in new places is priceless.  We visited Seattle and Kingston, WA on Wednesday and Thursday.  Our friends, CJ and Skipper, just moved to Kingston, WA a hamlet nestled in the Olympian Mountains about  30 minute ferry ride from Seattle.  It was a quaint home, on a lake, and surrounded by huge fir trees.  They recently bought this home and moved in, and now have a 6 week old baby.  Visiting new parents is such a trip, especially for aspiring parents.  The wacky hours, the strange creature that is almost a human, the new life...WOW!  CJ and Skipper are living the dream - plus they have a kitty who poops and pees on the toilet, not in a sand box.  Fanfrickingtastic!  Thanks for sharing it y'all.

While visiting them, we made a day trip to Seattle and visited the Seattle Aquarium.  It was the best Aquarium I have ever visited.  Here are some photos from that visit too.

We headed back to Portland on Friday.  Ryan gave me a special Seattle tour, of his old stomping grounds.  He had lived there in the 90's with CJ as a roommate, and another roommate Skoi, who we had also visited with on the day of the Aquarium trip.  While on our Seattle visit, Ryan showed me the troll that lives under the Fremont Bridge.  He was awesome and was even crushing a VW.


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