Friday, January 14, 2011

Coos Bay, Oregon

We had the best time visiting with an old friend of Ryan's on sunday evening of our trip.  Nikkie and her family live in a fantastic out of the way home high in the hills above Coos Bay, Oregon.  The central coast of Oregon is lush and juicy.  There are beautiful fir trees up aside a bay leading to the Pacific Coast.

Nikkie and her husband Wade hosted a fantastic dinner of Tri tip and oysters and crabs.  We were so busy shucking oysters that I did not get one pic.  It was quite a feast though.

The following day we visited the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Or.  Sweet little town, makes me want to consider moving that way.  The aquarium was huge, but sadly there were very few visitors.  We received a background tour from one of the life support engineers there and he told us that they had recently laid off 19 people.  As the economy continues to sour, you really see it in out of the way places like this.

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Dan said...

We missed each other in Newport by 8 days!


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