Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prop 8 Wedding Plans

I am trying to plan my wedding this year to Nascar Pit Crew. I expect it will be a glorious affair; I want a tradition wedding feast in the early evening, followed by a wild Weddingpalooza in the nighttime.

All of this bridezilla planning has been bittersweet. It is hard for me to include my mom in the plannig since her Christian values debunk all of my belief systems. It almost feels like if I don't hold it in a church, then I am definitely going to hell.
This thought makes me laugh, shake my head and feel sorry that my Mom is so lost in her zealousness. She is on the same team as the other zealot Christians, the Catholics, and the Mormons that pushed through Prop 8 here in California.

That being said, I call my Uncle David often to chat wedding details. He is a prophet, a pioneer of all things gay. He lives in rural Wisconsin, openly gay, teaching and spreading diversity at a University there. He and his partner have a solid committed relationship of 12 years, and when I think of the "grown up" who taught me the most about being a successful young adult, he was my role model.

So how come I get to have the wedding feast, white (well, in my case, green) dress, the big party with food and liquor, and he just get a memory in Tiffany's with his partner and the sales girl? I mean, seriously....

I am looking for some way to get involved with this cause. I believe everyone should have the same rights I do to palooza on their wedding day. Damn it David...let's get to work.

(love you Uncle!)

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