Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Ending

It feels like we are in a movie...please let it have a happy ending. The fervor surrounding the possibility of Obama as President of the US is electric. I watch the political tv, share political discussion with co-workers and friends, and can't help to feel like life is imitating a hollywood movie. Could Obama be our hero?

I am a realist and don't like the term "hero." But I do believe Obama has some overwhelming attributes that will bring a positive change to my home. He is a uniter, he is a dreamer, he speaks of peace and love. He wants to share the wealth. He is changing the face of "role models" in America. He and his wife share a solid union, based on love and respect, not political ideals. He has real plans for how to lead and how to improve the areas of healthcare, financial crisis, and military actions of the US. Most importantly, his platform is one of ideals of respect for all people, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, and religious ideals.

In my family, I am a lone dreamer of a society built on mutual respect and uplifting of the human spirit. My brother is often overwhelmed by the drudges of everyday life to believe such a place could exist. My mother and stepdad are overwhelmed by the Christian doctrine that says you must believe the same way we believe in order to receive the benefits of our love and acceptance. My father suffers from delusions born from 2 tours in Vietnam and the suffering he experienced and inflicted as a member of this military heritage.

So alone I stand, aware that finally there is a candidate who represents my hopes and not my fears. I hope many more of you share my hopes on election day.

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