Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Refresh

I have been away from blogging land...I ventured into the world of xmas shopping, funriture shopping, and moving! So busy, so busy...and I survived!'

It is Jan 2, 2009, and I am almost blissful. My friends are all healthy and spirited and lovely. My Nascar is creating art and using his heart in ways I did not know one could do without being hurt! I am on a path to enlightenment and health (at least for my lungs) as I am seriously attempting to stop smoking this year. I got to dance and dress up in my distressed ballerina outfit yesterday and go play at the freak shows!!! I hope this bliss lasts for a while. I have to go back to work tomorrow and the stress is on these days. Projects, layoffs, and still trying to be inspired by the act of caring for patients; not just seeing them as medical record numbers on their way to discharge or worse.

Things to blog about for 2009: Wedding dress creation, Hunters Point Castle renovation, gardening, my awesome girlfriends who keep me sane and snarky!, my family dramas, and of course just for cheesiness factor, my love of Nascar Pitcrew Powered by Bacon. Photos to come as well.

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