Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dear Nature,

Thank you for bringing the sun back into my life.  The winter in Utah nearly broke my spirit.  Lots of smog, so much cold snow, and the loneliness that comes from being the new girl on the block.

Last weekend, I spent the day hiking with my canine pal, my love, and new friends.  The sun on my face and laughter in the hills made me believe there was some hope for Utah and I yet.

Melinda and Louie

Moab's Hidden Valley


Having a canine pal has been so enlightening in my life.  Who am I kidding?  Lacey is not a pal.  She is my child, my love, a bond that Nascar and I share.  I knew I wanted to marry Nascar the day he said he wanted to have children with me.  Contrary to what Charles Cooper says, wanting to be married to raise a family is NOT the only reason to get married - but it was mine.  The disappointment that has come with our lack of fertility, combined with the stress of moving, starting new jobs, the vast amount of alone time I have living in Utah - all of these factors have made me a pretty sad lady since we moved.  Lacey Jackson, a sweet dog rescued from the Salt Lake County Animal Control by Nascar, has become my salvation.   She is so cute and funny and adventurous.   She is shy and really quirky.  Last weekend's hiking trip in Moab was only her second time off leash, and she proved to be quite a scrambler dog, with good instincts.  She even listens fairly well.

My girl Lacey

While in Moab, we hiked Hidden Valley, an area with pictographs dating back hundreds of years.  The photos do them little justice.   There was a magic to this place we were in.  The abstract rock formations, the art and communication that dated so far back, the rattlesnake we ran into...all of these experiences reminded me of all the spirit the world has to offer.  These moments connected me back to the adventure that I am creating.

We Dance

We Fight

We love

We Are

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