Sunday, December 9, 2012

In my DNA

My emotional DNA is getting fit.  The emotional side, the physical side, they are interactive and using energy the way they used to, back in the day, when I found the majority of my happy moments, grooving on a dance floor.  I am active, moving my body every day, sleeping fitfully most nights.  I feel in control of my energy again.  I am using it, not being used by it.

I am currently in a biochemistry class studying DNA and cellular function and energy use.  It is a curious to me that the energy that our cells use is made up of the same stuff (nucleotides) that our cells are made of.  We are the energy we use, both physically, and metaphorically.  Rediscovering this cellular truth at a spiritual level is life.  The good times are moments to celebrate this truth, the difficult times are ones to re-connect with it, and believe in it, no matter how hard that may be.

DNA Replication

You never really know how things are going to change or end, but you have one chance to live out the reality as well as you can.  The answers to good living are buried deep inside your DNA.  Look to your guanine, cytosine, thymine, and adenine.  I have found the best way to connect with my DNA is to be physical.  Yoga, walking, meditation.  Using my body to quiet my brain, so I can hear the whisper of the sacred spiral of DNA.


Speaking of DNA...did you know dogs have 39 pairs of chromosomes, compared to humans having only 23?  The first dog to have her genome completely read was a boxer, and since 2003, we have been more dependent on science research using dogs for medical breakthroughs for humans.  This is because humans and dogs share many of the same capacity for illness.  Despite our proclivity for similar illnesses, I am convinced dogs have healing properties for humans.

Meet Lacey Jackson.  Rescued from the shelter, Nascar Pitcrew picked her out for us.  She is almost perfect, except for the fact she likes to herd cars (a characteristic of her border collie DNA) .  We are working on this behavior.  Having her canine energy is such a lift.  She really makes me smile and forces me outside, even on snowy days!

Today's Walk in the Snow


We bought a beautiful house.  It is 107 years old.   As a young woman, I remember being told that if you dream of a house, you are dreaming about yourself.  Could this home be a part of my DNA?  I am not sure of that, but I am sure I will discover a lot about myself living in these old walls.  Here are some shots of the lovely, old building we call home now:

Taken from the park across the street this morning

The original kitchen cabinets from 1905

The chairs Gabby helped me pick out

Future plans....

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