Saturday, April 18, 2009

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Since I last was blogging, so much has happened.  Most importantly for this site, was that I lost my camera in the Oakland airport.  Since one of the points of this blog was to have a place to enter photos, I have been less than motivated to blog. I have a MacBook and boy oh boy are my blogging instincts aware again.  I never believed it was possible to have a love affair with your computer.  But now I know for sure it is possible.  In fact I am in one.

This is a slick machine, so elegant and refined.  Yet the beauty behind the elegance is the simplicity, the friendliness of this computer.  Even the keys tap softer, make a more delightful clicking noise than my old Dell.  I am passing up snuggle time on the couch with Nascar to geek out on my Mac right now.  : )  This is a serious affair.

Despite my avid love of the MacBook, I am still marrying Nascar in June.  The wedding will be in Reno, we get to get married under our tree sculpture from Burning Man which is currently perched on the bank of the Truckee River.   I did buy my wedding is short and sassy and super cool.  I can't wait to rock the dress and rock Nascar's world!  We are destined for love and greatness together, this I am sure of.

The planning of the wedding has brought so many great discoveries to my heart.  I had no idea how important weddings were before now.  I guess you never really understand until you are in the moment.  The number of people excited about it, wanting to share in it, is overwhelming.  I feel so blessed and so in love with my family, my friends, and my Nascar.   I have never been one to accept things graciously, so this acceptance lesson has been a big one.

The only dark cloud to the whole thing is that my Dad has chosen to not come to the wedding.  I am sad, but not surprised.  He is a man who sees only reflections of himself when he looks into my eyes.  I do not think he is so comfortable with his reflection from my eyes lately.  I wish it was different, but I think for Dad, Nurse Bacon will never be fully integrated.

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