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Time is of the Essence

Whew, this has been a fantastic vacation!  I was lucky enough to save 4 weeks of vacation time over the last two years and be allowed to take it all at once.  I am so grateful to the hospital I work at, and especially my former boss, who gave me permission to take the time to re-set myself.  

Time is of the essence, and during this vacation I have learned a few things about how I use and abuse my time:

  • Naps are necessary and revitalizing and are made even better when you take them with your partner.
  • Cuddle-time is a must.  There is no amount of stress or fatigue that should get in the way of that special one on one time with the person you love.
  • Sometimes leaving behind the toxic stuff is just what you have to do.  No matter how much it hurts and it always takes longer than you thought it would to rid your psyche of the toxic struggle.  But leaving the struggle behind is smarter than swimming in the pain.
  • Art is GOOD and hard.  It is always worth the achey bones and long hours.  To me, Nascar's creative eye is like a sunrise.  It pays homage to our past, but beckons in the future.  I am proud that he invites me to share his vision.
  • You have no choice but to make time to dance and move.  I feel so much better as a shaker, and my soul is really tired of watching bad TV.
  • It is important to make time for those you love, and protect them and that time fiercely.  This may be the last time, or the best time, you have with them for a while.
  • Love is often measured in "stolen moments."  Look for those moments, make them count, even if it is only with your smile.
Nascar and I participated in 3 weddings and a Surly Camp art car project over 7 days during this vacation.  Creativity overload feels so good.  Our first wedding was a celebration of Alexa and Patrick and their union.  Wow!  Alexa was a beautiful bride, and Patrick the most dapper groom.  I had the pleasure of running their wedding show, and must say, it was a gift to be allowed such responsibility.  Their wedding was in Lake Tahoe in a grove of alpine trees.  Nevada Backwards played, we danced, ate and drank to their goodness.  Gabby, Mimi and I helped set up and break down the festivities.  There is something to be said for DIY weddings.  The friendships must be close and trusting for them to be successful.  I do not have many photos, because I got to be in charge of the microphone this time (!).  Here a few shots of some of the people I love so much.  (CP, Deanna, Gabby, Mimi, Cindy and CJ - I lost my camera through most of the wedding - but you are all etched in heart.)

Alice, Justin and I 

The Smiths

Sorry about the fuzziness Sly...blame it on the wine

We left Tahoe on Sunday morning and ventured to the Pulverosa in Reno, NV for finishing up the Surly Bot Art Car to take to Burning Man.  Whew, I had forgotten how hard Burning Man is.  Shopping, packing, welding, grinding (I only handled the first two responsibilities).  Thank goodness for the Pulver's hospitality and their swimming pool.  My first memory of Burning Man is floating in their pool, preparing to drive to the desert.  I had not even gotten there yet and I needed a break : ).  The following photos are of Bot Setup.  Teamwork was the overwhelming theme of Surly Camp this year, and I think these photos show it.  Not shown on the creative team photos are B-rent, The Gimp, Dr. M and The Manstress as the awesomest painters ever, Evil Kitty, Mommy Cooper, CoopDaddy, and so many more, including all the Surly Minions.

The trifecta of Surly Bot 3.0

RV is at the top standing.  His calm energy and purposeful movements made even more powerful by his tall stature


Yin and Yang or two halves of a greater whole:  Nascar and Archie

The Bot in all her Glory

Seamstresses Extraordinaire:  Annie and Pino.  

The Artist formerly known as Coach

DJ Paul

The Pulver's 

There is something so magical about being on the Playa early.  (Although we still had to wait 3 hours to get in...thank you Pino for letting me sleep!) Watching the community grow, the buildings go up, and the art take place in real time is so powerful.  Some of our teammates were in the Thursday before, and their photos are awesome.  I have included a few photos of my most special places on the playa this year.  I am sad to have not gotten a picture of the Shame Project, a hidden swing placed in a spiral wood structure.  Everyone left their moments of shame on the walls and got a chance to swing on the bench swing.  It was a very powerful place for me this year, almost as powerful as the Temple.  I felt so lucky to share a moment with Nascar within its walls and release some of my inner critic to that area.

Need I say anything more?

The monsters are only as real as you make them

Stanwood transitioned to a new home this year. 

For Pitstop

Old skool Surly - and I love Pattycake's smile

Surly Camp and the Monkeys from Wyoming taking on the Charon of the only pieces truly dealing with death.  Why is everybody so afraid of the final Rite of Passage?

What I take from this is that death is a lot of work.  

Comfort Care?

Crossing Over can be easy or all depends on how much you pull

My favorite small piece from Saskatchewan Canada

The best art there is on the playa:  the Nevada desert bathed in the first rays of sun

Our second wedding was the uniting of the two houses of Jub Jub, held on Fat Tuesday of the Burn.  My dear friend for many years, Ms. Faith wed her baby's daddy, Josh.  No better of a match could the Goddess have made.  These two anti-raver, punk rock souls compliment and inspire each other in a way that could only be destiny.  Their beautiful son, K, is the mish and mash of the two of them in the most magical way.  

K and his grandpa; Learning to climb

The Mother of the Bride and I 

Last Week's Newlyweds

Shiny Blingy thing over there...and Gramma over here...

The two are waiting for their third to become as one

The lovely bride and her Papa

The Band!!!

Blessings from Mom

Mallory - you are loved

By Tuesday I was inspired - and worn out!  Nascar and I spent the next few days dancing, napping, eating little smokies, and conspiring to take over the world with the rest of the Surly Crew.  In an odd, yet strangely fitting integration moment, I spent time talking with Barry Waits, a former high school classmate, who now dates a vivacious Surly campmate.  Barry attended his first Burning Man this year with the sublime Zippy Tie Tie.  Barry was the quintessential high school classmate.  Star of the basketball team, all AP (college prep classes), beautiful girlfriend.  However, he was also very kind and quite aware that life is not always an easy ride.  We were never close friends (I hung with the stoners, he hung with the athletes), but to spend time with him on the playa and re-enter some of those feelings of awkwardness and heart break was awesome.  I felt really proud to recognize that we both have survived, and are still searching for even more abundance.  Other bright points were the sunrises with the team and a fantastic night in with Meadowface (the 9 year old girl wonder).   The mommy drive is getting stronger in me....thanks to Meadow for letting me be Aunt Bacon for a while.

Dawn Patrol

Jobs Well Done

Family - and congrats to the newly engaged couple!

My Husband woke up early - Just for ME!

Representing PDX and Hyphytown

Good Morning!
Our final wedding was Friday night, before the Man burned on Saturday.  The Kitschy Wedding of Coach and Kitty happened in true Surly style.  Sunset,
open playa, a puppet show, line dancing, and a Jameson toast, with mini bottles of Jamie decorated by duct tape roses.  It was an amazing circus ride (to steal Mrs. O's phrase) led by the insanely happy bride and groom and a bevy of super awesome djs.  You remember in these moments how good it feels to help someone else celebrate what they find divine about their life.  Divinity, happiness, peace, comes in different packages for different people, celebrate divinity as much as you can!

Here comes the Bride

Meadowface is so grown up now

Full of Love

In front of Reverend Pattycakes, Coach has retired
Todays Soundtrack included:  TrainWreck - Nevada Backwards, Liberation Process - Heavyweight Dub Champions, Trying to Get to Heaven - Bob Dylan, Blue Bayou - Linda Rondstadt, Request+Line - Black Eyed Peas, and Garbage Grove - Sublime...also included some Charlatans, Tom Waits, Moby, and, of course, Dolly Parton.  (Hi God!)

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