Sunday, May 2, 2010

Going with the Flow

It has been over 5 months since I last blogged. Such a shame, for this is probably the happiest I have ever been. Nascar and I are a true team, in love with living as husband and wife.

I would be amiss to say that our lives are not tiring, filled with work and school, and family negotiations. But these are not problems, these are symptoms of a healthy and active life. I wake up every day and check my temperature (family planning), and thank the heavens for such gifts.

Nascar is in Texas currently on an aquarium business trip. He is flourishing in his job, and now dives once a week in the tanks to assist the husbandry staff with the fish care. I am still working at the local trauma center, and remain inspired by the patient population and the team of health care practicioners I work with.

I am humbled that I have been given such gifts of happiness. I realize that my choices have brought me to this station in life, but I do believe there is a bit of luck and a lot of faith on this road to happiness.

Of course, there is much about the country that is driving me to tears. The new bill in Arizona, SB 1070, legalizes racial profiling and is a travesty for all our civil rights leaders have worked for. Today, a bomb was found in Times Square in New York (no one hurt thankfully), last week a huge oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. I feel bad for the folks in New Orleans and Louisiana, ever since Hurricane Katrina, they really have not had an easy recovery. This oil spill will prove to slow the recovery down even more.


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