Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nature to Ease the Stress

I spent yesterday with G. and her friend E. We went hiking near Inverness, in the lush hills near the Pacific Ocean. It was a much needed break from the hyper urgent feeling of these times.

Christmas has left me feeling worried abut budgeting and sad that our traditions are not very family oriented. I am working all of this X-mas week, making some much needed dollars to pay off that fantastic wedding we just had. A part of me want to wake up late with my husband on Xmas day, eat crab and exchange gifts. I want to create our own tradition...oh well, maybe when we have kids, I will be more willing to make the sacrifice.

I guess in some way, I am creating tradition. This is the second mushroom hunting trip I have made with G. I really am enjoying it. I plan on making her a photo album of all of our finds for her birthday. I think that will be an awesome project.

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