Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lightning Storms

It is late night, maybe midnight.  I sit in the Cooper's living room,having been forced out of the backyard by the rain.  WTF, this is NV!  

Everyone else is asleep, even Nascar.  I am just so excited about the Solstice, about the wedding, about getting to hang out with friends and loved ones this weekend in a major integration session.

Forgive the stream of conciousness with this post...things are just going big right now...I can only process it quickly and move on.

1.)  Nascar Pitcrew, thank you for opening me up.  For showing me how capable I am of loving not just you, but everyone that makes our life good.  I love that term...our life...We are signing on for a lifetime together.  My life has only become great since you came into it.  And it has nothing to do with material possessions or monetary wealth.  I feel rich in the good stuff, the priceless stuf, like love, friendship, self-respect.  

I cannot wait for Friday.  I cannot wait to sign onto a life with you, both legally and spiritually, in front of our family and our friends.  

I love my life.

2.)  Good friends are a blessing.  Lately I have felt so blessed, I only wonder what I did to deserve this.  So many good friends to share this momentous occasion with.  So much support.  And I feel capable of giving back something of sharing the good vibe.   The hippie mantras of my past are coming true:  Work like you dont need the money, love like you have bever been hurt, dance like no one is watching.  

3.)  Dad I am sorry you are not able to share this day with me.  I wish everyday I could remove the pain of your psyche, to make it ok for you to love me and be proud of me...but I can never compete with the power of war and the casinos.

I miss you tho.  Sad to miss this Fathers Day with you.  I hope you are ok.

4.)  Uncle David...I can't wait to see you.

5.)  Mom, thank you for always imparting the ideal that family that treats you good is important.  I hope I grow old with that ideal.  Despite our differences in how to implement, the intention for family support and relationship building is the same.

6.) Tigh get counselling and find your path to happiness.

7.)  Noah, I miss you already.  

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