Tuesday, October 21, 2008

15 hour workday

I should be committed for being a nurse...I mean I must be committed to being a nurse. Freudian slip.

Just spent the most grueling 15 hours ever caring for a man who was getting worse faster than he was getting better. I even cried today because of a disagreement with a doctor; lucky for me, it was not in front of him. The whole situation reeked of old school machismo "the doctor knows best."

In the end, I can only offer prayers that my patient's issues resolves and he continues to get the best care ever. As fast paced, disjointed and reactionary as my hospital is, some of the biggest brains in the business work there. And the nursing staff, well, we rock. I have never been so tired as a good day on the nursing floor.

That reminds me...winter is coming. Everybody start washing you hands and covering your nose when you sneeze. Being sick is bad business.

PS special note to Megan...dude, I started blogging 3 days before you. Now that is weird.

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