Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Path We Refuse Is The Path We Should Choose

I am spending this afternoon listening to Dick Bolles, the author of What Color is Your Parachute, speak via livestream at the Socap Event Gabby is coordinating in San Francisco.  Nascar and I went to the Farmer's Market this morning and he is re-inserting a motor into his lovely Mercedes, Daisy, this afternoon.

I originally tuned into the Socap Soul Event to support Gabby, who has been working so hard lately scouting content for conferences like this one.  I was pleased to find that Mr. Bolles was the Keynote speaker.   I remember using this workbook back in 2000, hoping to find out what I should grow up and be.  At the time, I made money as a secretary and bartender.  I could make it to work on time, had fairly good customer service skills, (but very poor inter-personal skills) and I liked to stay up late.  These were probably my only 3 marketable skills.  When I moved to San Francisco, in early 2000, I did not know what the internet was, yet I was given a job as a receptionist at an on-line recruiting firm (Thanks Alexa!).  So funny to remember a world without laptops, Facebook, or a blog.  What I remember most was how scared I was of life leaving me behind those first few years in San Francisco.  But not scared stiff, only scared into action.  I started school again, became a volunteer for a homeless youth shelter, reunited with my brother.  In search of a career, I read that book with a vengeance and performed all the exercises, hoping it would help me find the path to being a grown up.  (I think, in a round about way, it did help, too)  

Mr. Bolles did not disappoint today as a speaker.  He is 84 years old and still very eloquent.  He re-writes his book every year.  The best piece of advice he gave was that God gives us all many skills and talents, but he gives a few skills and talents that we love.  The secret to finding success is honing in on what we are good and what we love, and intertwine them as much as possible.  It may be difficult in today's economy (10% unemployment is dire straits), but if it is a goal, one can always strive for it.

In the last month I have watched with a wife's pride, co-mingled with waves of sadness, as Nascar Pitcrew sets aflight on his parachute ride.  Yesterday, he announced he is accepting a position as a Life Support Operator for the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah.  U - T - A - H.

Nascar Pitcrew never read the book by Mr. Bolles, but he certainly is a man who has co-mingled what he loves with what he is good at.   His natural affinity to animal care, coupled with his mechanical mind (did I mention he just put a transmission part in the oven - who does that?) makes him a natural Zoo mechanic.  I certainly did not see this adventure as part of our mythology when I married him.  I am so proud of his cleverness, and in awe of his ability to set his mind to something and make it happen.  4 years ago a jobless and new to San Francisco Nascar Pitcrew said to me, "All I want to do is to build aquariums."  Within one week, he became a Life Support Operator for the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco.  For the the last 4 years, he has built and maintained tanks for sharks, jellyfish, and octopi.  Now, he is moving past aquariums to polar bear habitats, specifically maintaining a home for Rizzo, the polar bear at the Hogle Zoo in Utah.  I wish I could say I told you so, but I admit, one of my joys in life is being constantly surprised and amazed by all that he can do.

Rizzo the Polar Bear (photo from Salt Lake City Tribune)

Freshly Baked Transmission Whatzit

So as our hearts expand to include this lovely lady bear, Rizzo, into our lives, it does mean we have to move away from San Francisco and the sweet life we have here.  I type this and the tears are welling.  I  really will leave a part of my heart here in San Francisco.  My parachute ride started here, and I will always be grateful to this city for the inspiration it has provided and the friends that I have found.  From the joy of afternoon workouts and late night chats with Gabby, to dog walks and playa planning with Silvia, to Thanksgiving celebrations with Lex, to playing in the park with Noah and Tigh and enjoying the work with all my friends at SFGH, my life has been so full of love here.  I love the parachute ride I am on, and that the Golden Gate was where I ascended from.

Today's soundtrack:  Soul Is Your Face by DJ Barisone...truly an inspirational mix of tunes about love, about change, about the human soul....

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KWQR said...

We will miss you so! But are equally excited to hear of all your new adventures. Rizzo is one lucky bear! xo


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