Monday, February 7, 2011

Gabby's Birthday

On January  22, our lovely Gabby turned thirty-something.  : )  We had an all day festivity, including a surprise brunch in the am, and a "Bring Your Own Burrito" Party in the evening.  Fortunately, the weather cooperated and it was 65 degrees and sunny in the day, and clear, sweatshirt weather in the evening.  This allowed us the chance to kick it in the backyard, throw some bones, and play happy tunes from the garage sound system.  Gabby went to an early morning massage, and a bunch of us girls threw together a "Surprise" brunch, including waffles, some of Abigail's delicioso quiche, lovely fruit plates and lox and bagels!  It was most impressive that the party lasted 11 hours, with probably about a total of 50 guests visiting Gabby throughout the day and evening!  In Gabby's case the adage is true:  You get what you give.  She gives so much love and support to her friends, that it is certainly lovely to see so many come together to celebrate her!

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